So Money - Episode 796

Tracy Matthews

Founder of Flourish and Thrive Academy

Today’s guest is going to share how to recover – and thrive – after losing everything.

At one point, Tracy Matthews had a successful handmade jewelry business, earning over $1 million in annual revenue. You could find her jewelry in over 350 stores internationally and worn by celebrities like Halle Berry, Orlando Bloom, and Kate Hudson. But, Tracy grew the business fast and made mistakes. In 2009, she made the difficult decision to declare bankruptcy and close shop.

The story has a happy ending. Tracy once again has a thriving custom jewelry business. She’s learned from all her failures and now teaches other aspiring jewelry designers how to grow successful businesses through her Flourish & Thrive Academy.

On the show: How did she pick up the pieces after her bankruptcy? And how *does* a jewelry designer grow a business in today’s market?

To learn more about Tracy Matthews, visit, and follow the academy on Instagram @Flourish_Thrive.

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