So Money - Episode 714

Kara Swisher

Tech Journalist and Co-Founder of Recode

Today we’re in conversation with Silicon Valley’s “most feared and liked journalist,” according to New York Magazine. Kara Swisher, technology journalist and co-founder of Recode is an outspoken, straight-shooting reporter who, for two decades, has been working non-stop to keep Silicon Valley and the tech world accountable.

Kara is the host of the popular podcast Recode/Decode. She began her career at The Washington Post and later, The Wall Street Journal before launching her own tech media empire.

We kick off the interview with her take on Facebook amidst the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and the social network’s tumbling stock price. Then we hear about Kara’s childhood and experiencing the loss of her father at a young age. She takes us to a very specific moment in her career when she asked for a raise, how she earned her worth. Also, I ask her: what tech giants will be gone in 10 years time? Snapchat? Twitter? You might be surprised to hear Kara’s predictions.

You can learn more about Kara Swisher by visting her company’s website, or become one of her 1.31 million twitter followers @karaswisher.

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