So Money - Episode 11

Dave Asprey

Author of The Bulletproof Diet

Dave Asprey is a self-described ‘biohacker’ who invested $300,000 to hack his own biology and from there he lost 100 pounds and started somewhat of a revolution in the world of health. He is the founder of the Bulletproof Executive, creator of Bulletproof Coffee and author of the new book – the Bulletproof Diet – the revolutionary biohacking plan to lose up to a pound a day, regain energy and focus, and upgrade your life. Dave’s also a Silicon Valley investor and tech entrepreneur.

In our interview Dave shares his strategy for making better, healthier decisions when we’re stressed…how to make stronger connections between what’s going on in your heart and in your mind. There’s actually a gadget for that! It’s called the Innerbalance Sensor.

Dave also opens up about the time in his life when he made millions… and then lost it all within a couple of years. Pretty traumatic…He talks about how it happened and how he was able to transform his financial life.

Learn more about Dave Asprey by visiting his website Check out his new book called the Bulletproof Diet.

We love this quote and hope you do too: You can almost think of your nervous system as a separate part of you. And it just ties directly to the financial decisions you make. – Click to tweet


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