So Money - Episode 795

Dr. Bonnie Koo

Physician and Founder of

How does a six-figure income turn into six-figures of debt?

Our guest Bonnie Koo was making six-figures by age 23 working on Wall Street. A career pivot into medicine quickly changed her financial life when she attended medical school and took on $200,000 in student loans. She also racked up about $20,000 in credit card debt.

Bonnie, now a dermatologist, is on the other side of that money story. She’s since taken control of her financial life, she’s paid down the debt and has launched a site helping other professional women and doctors master their money.Bonnie blogs at She also co-hosts a podcast called Friends Talk Finance.

She shares the exact moment she decided to get serious about money. The book that helped her turn her financial life around…and a unique way to think about retirement planning that won’t make your head hurt.

To learn more about Dr. Bonnie Koo, please visit and follow her on Instagram @MissBonnieMD.

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