So Money - Episode 169

Tamsen Fadal

Emmy Award-Winning Anchor of PIX11 News

Tamsen Fadal  is an Emmy award-winning journalist, producer and author. She anchors a 5:00, 6:00 and 10 o’clock news on PIX11 which is Tribune’s Broadcasting’s flagship station in New York.

She’s not only a full time anchor but she also works to empower women across the country. Tamsen Fadal is the co-author of the self-help books Why Hasn’t He Called?, Why Hasn’t He Proposed? and her recent book is why she’s here on So Money and I dive into this with her in my interview. It’s called The New Single. It’s a self-help guide of empowerment after a breakup or a divorce. Something like half of marriages in this country end up in divorce. A lot of times money is a motivating factor. If it’s not the motivating factor when you get divorced, you have a financial wake up call. So, she talks a little bit about how she personally went through some of that in her own life.  She also shares advice on how to find fix and fall back in love with yourself and an increased awareness of avoiding toxic patterns that hold you back from being your best self in order to emerge confident from a big life change.

So, lots of really amazing takeaways with Tamsen, including:

→ The steps that she personally took to heal financially and emotionally from a very public divorce.

→ The important advice she learned from her dad growing up who said that, “It’s better to be alone than lonely with someone.”

→ And, her top money tips for women who have just emerged from a split up or a divorce.

If you would like to learn more about Tamsen Fadal, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @tamsenfadal.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “More so than anything, I think you’ve really got to discuss money if you’re talking about being in a relationship and/or partnership.” — Click to Tweet

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