So Money - Episode 170

Jason Vitug

Founder and CEO of

Jason Vitug just wrapped up a financial crusade, literally. He is the founder of, it’s a financial education service for millennials and he just ended a 10,000 mile road trip called “The Road to Financial Wellness: A tour to get people talking about their financial wellness”. It kicked off in Portland, Maine, on June 1st and it wrapped up in L.A. It was an epic 10,000 mile road trip that took the Phroogal team across the country visiting 30 cities in 30 days.

Jason is a New Jersey native and he’s a former Silicon Valley resident. He left his financial services executive job to explore the world and took a risk. During his backpacking trip through 20 countries in 12 months, Jason had an epiphany while sitting atop an 8th Century temple in Myanmar. He was living his childhood dream and wanted to help others live theirs. The general passion for personal finances that he had lead to the creation of Phroogal.  Jason wants to solve the biggest problem preventing people from living their dream lifestyle and it was a combination of the lack of knowing and lack of access to relevant and reliable information. So he wants to be that destination for people.

The top three takeaways from my time with Jason:

→ What are his revelations after his 30-day tour across the country while canvasing the financial pulse of America today? What are the issues that particularly millennials are grappling with most?

→ We learn the moment Jason decided to resign from his vice president position at a local credit union in Silicon Valley. It was very difficult to leave.  He shares how that transpired and how those of us perhaps on the podcast who are in a job we don’t love, but it pays the bills – how do we get that inspiration to make that leap of faith?

→ Interestingly enough, Jason wasn’t always good with money. He racked up thousands of dollars in overdraft fees alone in the early days of using his debit card.  How did he get himself out of debt?

If you would like to learn more about Jason Vitug, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @JasonVitug.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “When I donate money I like to give to entrepreneurs because I believe they fuel the economy and they pursue a dream.” – Click to Tweet

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