So Money - Episode 1235

Stephanie Kibler


Stephanie Kibler came onto the online personal finance scene in 2007 (when it was still called a “blogosphere”) and was one of its first voices for low-income millennials and young women with her blog, Poorer Than You.

Stephanie started her personal finance journey as a film school dropout in a rust belt city heading into the Great Recession. Her uphill money journey has played out like a comedy of errors, but she’s overcome every curveball thrown so far, and is now committed to only doing work she loves and never being forced to wear a suit to a job interview again.

Through the years, she has worked to help build up online communities focused on financial literacy for women and other underrepresented groups, especially those with low or moderate incomes. She lives in the pricey Washington, DC-area suburbs (for some reason) with her husband and two young children, and can usually be found snarking on Twitter.

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