So Money - Episode 1234

Sami Wunder

International Relationship Coach

We are exploring love and money on the show today with the leading international dating and relationship coach Sami Wunder. We’ll talk about some of the power dynamics that come into play in modern day, hetero relationships. Why it’s important to strive for equality in your partnership but the rules are different when dating…Sami has interesting perspective about who should pay, who should be more the pursuer…and why.

Sami has helped more than 237 single clients to get married and more than 300 partnered clients to bring their marriages back from divorce in the past five years. She lives in Germany with her adoring husband, Chris, and their two boys.

I know we all have really different opinions when it comes to men, women and relationships…so I encourage you to listen to this show with an open mind.

You can learn more about Sami’s offers for So Money guests here.

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