So Money - Episode 487

Rachel Cruze

Author of "Love Your Life Not Theirs"

It’s no secret that social media has been taking over our lives inn good ways and bad. For example, while social media can be a great way to share useful information, it can also be a huge TIME suck. According to recent research Americans are checking their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts a whopping 17 times a day. That translates into at least once every waking hour, if not more.

And one of the adverse affects of this, besides losing time, is that we can become ENVIOUS of other people’s lives.

It’s hard not to scroll Instagram and once in a while think, “Wow that person lives a perfect life! I wish that were me!” And I’ve definitely fallen into the trap of buying a pair of shoes I saw on Instagram – immediately!

All this to say that social media can be COSTLY.

And our guest today wants to help. She is RACHEL CRUZE. She was on the podcast once before on Episode 29 and is BACK to talk about her new book, “Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want.” In our conversation we’re going to talk about how to focus on ourselves, to FILTER the distraction on social media and learn to love what we have.

More about Rachel… She’s a personal finance expert and #1 New York Times Best Selling author of the book Smart Money Smart Kids that she co-wrote with her dad Dave Ramsey.

If you’d like to learn more about Rachel, please visit her website or follow her on Twitter @RachelCruze.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “In a heart filled w/ #gratitude, there’s no room for discontentment & comparison.” – Click To Tweet

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