So Money - Episode 760

Marissa Evans Alden

Co-Founder and CEO, Sawyer

Ever tried to enroll your child in like an art class, or soccer camp, only to find out that it’s completely full, or maybe you just found out about a great swim program right by your house…but wish you’d known about it years before?

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur who noticed this particular parent pain point, and she’s on a mission to fix it.

Today, we’re welcoming Marissa Evans Alden to the show. She is a former Rent the Runway Executive, and now the co-founder of a website and mobile app called Sawyer. Sawyer is a marketplace for children’s activities and adventures and it’s currently available in the New York, Chicago and LA metro areas, but soon to a neighborhood near you.

Full disclosure, my husband Tim joined the Sawyer team earlier this year as a developer, but even before he began working there, he and I were fans of the site as two busy parents who are constantly trying to take advantage of what the city has in store for kids (and also so that we can keep them occupied, if you know what I mean!)

Marissa takes us through her journey of entrepreneurship, how she impressively raised investment dollars while pregnant and advice for those of us contemplating leaving our jobs to dive into a business of our own.

And lest you think Sawyer is child’s play, the company has raised millions of dollars to date.

You can learn more about Sawyer by visiting Follow the company on Twitter and Instagram.

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