So Money - Episode 759

‘Being Boss’ Hosts

Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

What do you get when you combine two business besties, 5 million podcast downloads and a brand new book? Today’s So Money® guests, Co-Founders of the Being Boss Podcast, Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon.

When Emily and Kathleen were growing up, they watched their parents head to 9 to 5 jobs and bring home steady paychecks, but each one of them through a series of events became creative entrepreneurs, eventually setting aside their day jobs in favor of launching their own businesses. The two friends combined their creative forces and started a podcast called Being Boss, where they’ve interviewed leading experts, including Melissa Hartwig, who is the co- creator of the Whole30 diet. Remember I went on that? It was actually one of the best diets I’ve ever been on.

They’ve also interviewed me, although you will have to wait for that interview. It airs later in September, so really excited to bring on Emily and Kathleen to So Money® ahead of that. Their podcast success has led to a book deal. It’s called Being Boss and it just hit shelves a few months ago.

To learn more about Kathleen and Emily, visit and order their book on Amazon. You can also follow them on Instagram @BeingBossClub.

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