So Money - Episode 397

Kristin Bentz

Talented Blonde

Today’s guest is the Talented Blonde aka Kristin Bentz. Kristin began her career in the luxury retail and hotel industry and then moved on to Wall Street where she ‘survived’ working with Dick Fuld and Jim Cramer, my ex-boss and previous So Money® guest. Kristin is an ex-Lehmanite and a former managing editor of Real Money. She is most well-known for her ability to identify trends in the consumer, lodging and luxury sectors and offers fresh and independent analysis of the financial markets and consumer sector.

On today’s show you’re going to hear Kristin and I re-connect. Years ago, we worked together very closely at and we haven’t spoken voice-to-voice in about 5 years or so. We also talk about where she’s at now and how she’s redefining her career path today after years of being out of the workforce full time. She started over after a divorce. How did she do it financially, emotionally and while raising twins as a single parent? She also gives great lessons for anyone who wants to take time off of their careers or is in the midst of doing that and wants to jump back in the work force. Lastly, we talk about the truth about being a female on Wall Street and her personal account of her days at Lehman Brothers, which is pretty insane.

If you’d like to learn more about Kristin visit her website or follow her on Twitter @TalentedBlonde.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Everything I acquired was done the hard way & now, I’m safer, better & more grounded for it.” – Click To Tweet

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