So Money - Episode 910

Kelli Bradley

Author, Always Her Daughter

“I was young. I was in my 30s when this started hitting me head on and none of my friends were going through this. Nobody really understood.” When I’d say, you know, no, I really can’t do that tonight or I can’t attend this event or what have you…many times, it was because I was busy taking care of my mom…but often times it was because I was just exhausted.”

Did you know that one in four millennials is a caregiver? Nobody teaches us how to prepare for or how to care for our parents as they get older. But how do you have those discussions when you move from being their child to being their caregiver?

Our guest today is Kelli Bradley who is the founder of The Devoted Daughter that provides families with resources as they transition to becoming caregivers for aging family members. Kelli didn’t start her career in senior care. It wasn’t until her mother was diagnosed with diabetes that Kelly became her full time caregiver. It was only then that she realized that there weren’t many resources to turn to for support.

So, she created one of the leading in-home care companies, serving thousands of families, but she wanted to help even more people navigate this emotional period and that’s where her book Always Her Daughter comes in. Also, she has a course called The Devoted Daughter Playbook.

In our conversation, we talk about how Kelly afforded not just the finances of taking care of her mother but the time. How do you balance managing your mother’s life and your own? How to assess assisted living facilities and nursing homes? And how to empower your siblings who may not be as helpful or cooperative as you to get on board and chip in?

Kelli’s Book: Always Her Daughter. A memoir and professional guide based on her experience in senior care. 

Also check out her course: Playbook for aging parents. How to have the talk with your parents: how to take away the keys? When is it time to move? Step-by-step get your questions answered.

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