So Money - Episode 909

Kristy Shen and Bryce Leong

Authors of Quit Like a Millionaire

“When we actually retired and we didn’t actually buy a house, that was one of the reasons, because we were able to put our money into the stock market and actually invested and have it pay us money, rather than pay money into a mortgage. That’s just completely mind-blowing for people back. Even my parents were just absolutely disgusted by the fact that I didn’t buy a house, to the point where they’re like – I was like, “Oh, God. I hope they don’t disown me.”

We are back in conversation with Kristy Shen, as well as her husband Bryce Leong. Kristy was on So Money a few years back, as I was doing a week-long special on early retirees. Kristy is Canada’s youngest retiree ever. She built a $1 million portfolio by the age of 31, and then spent the next few years traveling the world.

She and her husband have a new book called Quit Like a Millionaire. In it, she documents her journey from childhood poverty in China to being fully financially independent and a millionaire in her 30s. Kristy and Bryce are part of the FIRE Movement. Heard of that? FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early.

Their book is a bold contrarian guide to retiring at any age. They’ve got a formula to financial independence. No matter where you are, where you’re living, how old you are, what your likes and dislikes are, I mean, personally, I don’t want to leave New York City, so do they have a plan for me? They do.

Learn more about Krisy’s book at Visit her blog at Follow Kristy on Twitter @Firecracker_Rev.

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