So Money - Episode 1348

Katie Gatti

Host, Money with Katie

Katie Gatti Tassin is the personality behind the blog, podcast, and newsletter brand, Money with Katie. She started writing about money in 2020 after a few years of independent personal finance consulting and consuming all the personal finance content she could get her hands on. Since then, Money with Katie has grown to a community near-100,000 strong, and she focuses on teaching #RichGirls how to make their money work for them.

On the show Farnoosh and Katie discuss:

  • Katie’s rise to financial fandom and what inspired her to start helping others with their finances.
  • Katie’s ambitions to be work-optional by age 30 and how she and her husband manage to live on just 16% of their take-home pay.
  • How fear anchors Katie’s financial determination.

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