So Money - Episode 1349

Meta Angels

Co-Founder Meta Angels

What is an NFT? How are two female entrepreneurs leverage the metaverse and NFTs to build a new community of givers and helpers?

We are in conversation with Alex Cavoulacos and Allyson Downey, the co-founders of Meta Angels, an NFT membership community harnessing the metaverse to unlock real life opportunities. Founded on the values of generosity, transparency, and accessibility, Meta Angels has pioneered the first-of-its-kind NFT lending technology on the blockchain.

  • We discuss how NFTs function and some unique qualities.
  • How Meta Angels helps to bridge opportunity gaps for members.
  • How Alex and Allyson brought in millions of dollars in a matter of days to fund Meta Angels.
  • The behind-the-scenes of the Meta Angels community experience.

More about Alex: She is also Alex is co-founder of Angel Labs, a web3 accelerator that takes experienced operators and web3 creators from concept to mint. Prior to her move to web3, Alex co-founded The Muse, a values-based career platform used by over 75 million people to research companies and careers named one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World. She now serves on the company’s Board of Directors after a decade of leadership. Alex is a frequent speaker on web3, entrepreneurship, the future of work, and productivity. She is the co-author of the national bestselling book The New Rules of Work: The Modern Playbook for Navigating Your Career. She graduated from Yale University and is an alumna of Y Combinator.

More about Allyson: She is a serial entrepreneur, MBA, writer, and keynote speaker who has built a career on the power of trusted advice. She is also the CEO of Stellar Reviews, which helps brands increase sales by 40% by building an authentic, honest base of consumer reviews for their product launches. Her book is called Here’s the Plan: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career During Pregnancy and Parenthood.  She is a Techstars alumna and mentor, serving on the boards The Crafters Box and Tot Squad and as an advisor to Trust & Will. Allyson has an MBA from Columbia Business School, an MFA from Columbia University’s School of the Arts, and a BA from Colby College.

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