So Money - Episode 351

Joe Koss

Debt-Free College Professor

I decided to bring an avid listener from the podcast on today’s show. He’s been writing in, not just praising the show, but he has a really interesting story of his own about getting out of $50,000 worth of student loan debt. His name is Joe Koss. He is an accountant by trade and teaches as an adjunct professor at several colleges and universities on the topic of accounting and personal finance.

Joe was once saddled with debt, a lot of it, everything from credit cards to auto and student loans. Most recently he had $50,000 in student loans and he worked to pay that off on time and as quickly as possible. He had about $28,000 left in that student loan figure and it was the biggest push he made to get rid of that in just 14 months. It turns out that teaching personal finance to a bunch of college students is what gave Joe the motivation ultimately to practice what he preached to his students.

Some take away from our conversation with Joe. He shares the specific steps he took to get out of that $50,000 in student loans and why he was adamant about it. It wasn’t a very high interest rate, he was on a fixed payment plan. Why be aggressive with the student loans? How he budgets and it’s not very sophisticated but it works and the anonymous donation he gives to his students that’s helping them get a head start in life.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “For me, money equates to working hard.” – Click To Tweet

If you’d like to learn more about Joe Koss follow him on Twitter @AlohaDebtFree.

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