So Money - Episode 352

Allison Task

Personal Coach

I have a friend on the show today, Allison Fishman Task. She’s a personal coach. Allison helps people move through life transitions. The majority of clients use Allison’s coaching to significantly change their careers, whether it’s moving up in their current role, starting their own business or finding a new, more meaningful job.

She also works with parents-to-be and new parents as they prepare for the changes that come along with expanding a family. She knows this well – she is the mom to three children under the age of three. Can you believe it? She’s amazing. Allison received her coaching certificate from New York University. She also has a degree from Cornell in human development and family studies. Also, a fun fact about Allison… before coaching, she had another life in the culinary world. That’s how we met. She authored cookbooks and hosted culinary TV and web shows including TLC’s Home Made Simple and Lifetime’s Cook Yourself Thin. She also had a great show on Yahoo! called Blue Ribbon Hunter.

Some take away with Allison, how she works with clients to help them transition to more meaningful place in their careers. She offers some case studies. Plus, the one million dollar financial failure that she learned the hard way but Allison being Allison took that failure, turned it into a remarkable lesson and to this day continues to learn from that financial failure.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I’m better at what I do because I have a lot of fulfillment and satisfaction in my life.” – Click To Tweet

If you’d like to learn more about Allison Task visit her website or follow her on Twitter @allisontask.

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