So Money - Episode 343

Jennefer Witter

PR Exec & Author, "Little Book of Big PR"

Today I have a longtime friend joining me on the show. I’ve known Jennefer Witter for at least 10 years. Jennefer is the CEO and founder of The Boreland Group, a national PR firm headquartered in New York City.

It’s not often as journalist that you become friends with the publicist. The publicist who e-mail you, write to you, call you, grab you for five minutes at a conference to tell you about their company. I’m all for pitches. I love working with publicists for the most part. They are very helpful to me and instrumental in the work that I do. We wouldn’t have guests on this show if it wasn’t for the good work and the kind work of publicists who represent amazing people and amazing brands, but rarely do you actually befriend these people in your personal life where you actually go to dinners and you share personal stories. Jennefer and I really clicked way back when I was working at NY1. Initially, we started out as just business friends. We worked together, she sent me pitches, I had some of her guest on the show. So, long story short, we’ve been in touch for all of these years.

Her business has exploded as well. She’s on the show today to share some of her lessons learned as well as her financial mindset and behaviors. How she has been able to build wealth while living here. Also, how, as a single female entrepreneur, she’s been able to build her business to the point where she was named one of the top 10 black CEO entrepreneurs in the country. She also has a book called, The Little Book of Big PR: 100 Plus Quick Tips to Grow Your Small Business. In addition to getting her clients on top national and regional platforms, she herself has been featured in Fast Company, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post and She’s also an advocate for women in business and serves as an active member of Elevate New York.

If you’d like to learn more about Jennefer Witter visit or follow her on Twitter at @JenneferTBG.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “With networking, it’s not about take, you have to give & give without the expectation of getting something back.” – Click To Tweet

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