Kimra Luna

From Welfare to $1 Million in Sales

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Today’s guest came to me through a friend recommendation. She emailed me and said, “Hey, Farnoosh, I want to tell you about Kimra Luna whom I think could be a great fit for your podcast. She’s a mom of three kids who went from struggling on welfare, to generating $890,000 in the very first year of her online marketing business. This allowed her to retire her husband, a FedEx driver, who now helps her with the business. She has one of the most passionate followings I’ve ever seen online. She runs a popular Facebook group called Freedom Hackers with over 10,000 members. She has about 14,000 people on her newsletter list and generated over $720,000 on her most recent launch of Be True, Brand You with no affiliates.”


She goes on to say that, “Kimra’s Freedom Hackers Mastermind has become the number one online Facebook community for networking and learning how to grow a successful online business. Her $2,000 program Be True, Brand You has almost 500 students and actually, Kimra earned not just $720,000 from that recent launch, but altogether almost a million dollars in sales in the course of a year, launching her online platform.” My friend goes on to say that, “What I think is so cool about Kimra is her unapologetic authenticity. She has blue hair and tells it like it is at her killer mindset.”

Yes, I had to learn more. I was like, “I need Kimra on So Money.” I quickly booked her. No brainer, I’m excited to say she said, “Yes.” She’s on the show today and what a killer mindset she has. I selfishly actually wanted to meet her to learn how she has made so much money online in such a short period of time. This isn’t a Get Rich Quick episode but it’s really about how one woman managed to despite a lot of adversity, living on welfare at one point in her life and just struggling financially, to be able to get the inspiration and also the willpower, wherewithal, hard work, determination, to take her family from zero to 100 in less than a year.

Three key takeaways:

  • We’re going to learn how from food stamps to almost millionaire. How did she do it?
  • How she went from being a “digital nobody,” as she describes herself, to generating almost a million dollars in online sales her first year.
  • The exact steps to building a massive online community and how her life has changed now that she and her family of five (three kids) – have more money than they ever thought they would.

If you’d like to learn more about Kimra Luna, please visit her website kimraluna.com or follow her on Twitter @KimraLuna.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “Just enjoy the money that you have.” –Click to Tweet

  • Mary

    She is totally going to get taken advantage of if she doesn’t start managing her own money. Glad you gave her some good advice, Farnoosh. I hope she listens.

    • Betty Luna

      Kimra has a head on her shoulders that doesn’t quit. She is totally in control, with her hubby beside her.

    • KimraLuna

      No, my husband and CPA still handle my money. I’m not going to get taken advantage of. No one knows my husband or understands my relationship with him. My business is 50/50 ownership with him. Even when we were on welfare he always budgeted everything to make sure our bills were paid and we had everything we needed. We currently have no debt besides a little bit left to pay off on our brand new car (which will be paid off next month) and amazing credit score because we have never missed a payment on any bill in over 8 years. Yes, even when we were on welfare we never missed one payment of anything. He made sure everything worked out for the best.
      If I was handling the money we would not be in an almost debt free situation. I am a spender, back when I worked jobs and booked concerts I spent every penny. He helps me make sure I have the money to reinvest back into my business. He makes sure I have the money to pay my assistants. Looking at my checking account overwhelms me and stresses me. I’d rather keep a good relationship with money and allow my husband to do what he does best for my business, which is take care of the finances.

  • Tiffany

    Kimra, I love how you said, “enjoy the money you have”
    Many insights from this interview. Thanks!

  • I love Kimra, she’s so great at what she does. I do agree with Farnoosh on knowing your money. Even Oprah oks every check that is sent out in her name. It’s a good plan to keep an eye on it.