So Money - Episode 78

Frank Curzio

Stock Expert

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I’m excited to welcome our first stock expert and active investor on the show, Frank Curzio. By now, you probably know that I subscribe to the passive philosophy when it comes to investing – that’s right I love my index funds! However, a lot of you have expressed interest in participating directly in the stock market… so I thought that Frank would be a fantastic resource for you and could give you another prospective on investing so you can decide which one is right for you.

I’ve known Frank for almost a decade. He is one of America’s most respected and recognized stock experts. He’s been analyzing stocks for almost 20 years and has traveled all over the world to find the best companies to invest in. He currently writes the Disruptors & Dominators newsletter for Uncommon Wisdom, a division of Weiss Research. And prior to that, he was an analyst and editor at Stansberry Research.

Frank has also experience working for one of the richest hedge-fund managers on Wall Street and is the host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, which has been ranked #1 on Apple’s iTunes website as the “most listened-to” financial show in the business section.

Three takeaways from our interview:

— How to get started if you are a beginner investor.

— Why Frank prefers to spend a little more… even if he doesn’t have to.

— Early memories of being the son of an investing pro!

If you’d like to learn more about Frank Curzio, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @FrankCurzio. And remember to check out his awesome podcast Wall Street Unplugged.

My favorite quote from the interview: “If you are a beginner investor, don’t trade… do not become a day trader.” – click to tweet

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