So Money - Episode 79

Ryan Lee

Serial Entrepreneur

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Have you ever watched when kids play … and wished that you had the same bold, fearless attitude towards… pretty much everything? It seems that no matter what, they always seem to bounce back with more energy than before! Today’s guest is fearless. He’s a serial entrepreneur, a proud father of four and a lucky carrier of the “success gene” (unofficially) which, he says, has helped him and other generations in his family quickly get back up on their feet after “hitting a bump on the road”. His name is Ryan Lee.

Ryan started his first website back in 1999 while still working full-time as a recreational therapist at a children’s rehab hospital. That site was supposed to promote his sideline personal training business. Instead, he grew it into a giant empire spanning multiple markets and generating 7-figures of income every month. But it didn’t happen overnight. In his own words: “it took… years of lots of trial and error to finally “crack the code” and have enough nerve (and consistent income) to leave the secure world of a steady paycheck.”

Three takeaways from our interview:

— #1 question Ryan recommends that you ask yourself if you’re starting your own business

— The worst financial issue Ryan faced in his life (hint: pay attention to the boring tax stuff!)

— How Ryan was able to take his business to the next level and brought in $20k in 3 days

If you’d like to learn more about Ryan Lee, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @_ryanlee. Also, check out his books The Millionaire Workout and Passion to Profits.

My favorite quote from the interview: “No matter what you do financially, you’re going to have some bumps on the road.” – click to tweet


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