So Money - Episode 786

Dr. Peter Kim

Founder, Passive Income M.D.

In the Iranian culture, if your child becomes a doctor, this is the ULTIMATE trophy for a parent. And while being a doctor comes with a great deal of integrity and pride, it’s more challenging than ever to build a secure financial life as a physician, as many doctors taking on massive student loan debt to finish their degree.  

And as our guest today will explain, many physicians are not equipped with the financial know-how of managing their money and growing wealth.

Dr. Peter Kim is our guest and he is an anesthesiologist AND real estate and passive income expert. Last I checked being an anesthesiologist was one of the highest paid tracks in medicine. So, what motivated Peter to rethink his profession?

For years Peter blogged anonymously at about his exploration into real estate as a side hustle. The website is dedicated to helping physicians achieve financial freedom through multiple streams of income.

He also runs the real estate company to help educate physicians about the homebuying process. Did you know there’s a thing called a physician’s home loan?

Peter recently lifted the veil on his site to share his name and more details about his personal life to the thousands of readers he’s cultivated over the past few years.

Today he is a physician by choice, as well as an avid real estate investor.

You can learn more about Peter Kim by visiting,, He is on Twitter @passiveincomemd and Instagram @drpeterkim.

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