So Money - Episode 787

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

Ever wish to have someone at your company, whose job was to enhance your well-being, happiness and fulfillment at work?

Today I’m welcoming Claude Silver to the show. She is the Chief Heart Officer for Vayner Media, the powerhouse media company created by none other than Gary Vaynerchuk, who is also a bestselling author and by many accounts, one of the most recognized entrepreneurs in the world.

As Chief Heart Officer, Claud she has a very special job, and is responsible for improving and inspiring Vayner Media’s 800+ employees. Her role is to help nurture the amazing culture at Vayner Media and ensure it’s a place where all employees feel at home. Don’t we wish more companies prioritized this?

Growing up, Claude wanted to either be a philanthropist or a movie director, but at the heart of it all, she just enjoys helping people. Today we’ll talk to this inspiring woman about how she landed this unique job title, the book that changed her life and how she tries to, as she says, “light people up at work each day.”

You can follow VaynerMedia at and follow Claude on Twitter @claudesilver.

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