So Money - Episode 799

Dr. Daniel Crosby

Author, The Behavioral Investor

When it comes to investing, you’ve probably heard the phrase, ‘Buy what you know.’ Do you believe it? Today’s guest believes that is “profoundly dumb advice.”

II think that’s sort of good advice…”Buy what you know!” ” Don’t get into something you know nothing about!” (ehem bitcoin). But today’s guest, Dr. Daniel Crosby, a New York Times bestselling author, psychologist, behavioral finance expert and asset manager, thinks that is not sound advice.

Daniel was last on the my show, you might remember on Episode 453 about two years ago. He’s back with a new book called The Behavioral Investor and in it, he examines the sociological, neurological and psychological factors that influence our investment choices. He believes that we should first understand human nature and our own tendencies before making investment decisions.

A little bit more about Daniel: He’s a sought after expert, frequent speaker and he was named one of Investment News’ 40 Under 40 and also, a “Financial Blogger You Should Be Reading,” by AARP.

In this interview we’ll learn:

  • Daniel’s philosophies around how to invest well
  • How to curb our emotions and
  • How greedy are we this month? Daniel publishes an Irrationality Index, a measure of how much greed and fear is in the marketplace month to month.

Learn more about Daniel Crosby at and follow him on Twitter @DanielCrosby.

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