So Money - Episode 853

Dr. Anna Cabeca

The Hormone Fix

Our guest today went from being a nearly broke single mother to creating a seven figure business. Unable to solve her own health problems, she set out on a journey to discover how to recapture her well-being and create a new thriving business in the process.

Our guest today is Dr. Anna Cabeca, author of the new book The Hormone Fix. She is a triple board certified OB GYN physician who found herself feeling exhausted, depressed and diagnosed with early menopause at the young age of 38.

Despite being a physician, she was unable to solve her own health problems and her colleagues didn’t have viable solutions, either. In our conversation, she talks about her journey to reclaiming her health, as well as her happiness, and how through this process of self-discovery, she’s been helping other women along the way.

To learn more about Dr. Anna Cabeca, please visit or follow her on Twitter @AnnaCabeca.

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