So Money - Episode 303

Dorethia Kelly

Author of #MoneyChat

Today’s guest is the founder of #MoneyChat and president of Conner Coaching LLC, which gives results oriented personal finance and business coaching services. Dorethia Kelly is known for her no nonsense approach and charismatic personality in order to help individuals successfully manage their money and help business owners boost their bottom line.

Dorethia has a book entitled #MoneyChat the Book: How to Get out of Debt, Successfully Manage Your Money and Create Financial Security. Dorethia offers her readers helpful financial advice on everything from saving for college, creating an emergency fund, budgeting and other important personal finance topics and does so in a way that makes it easy to apply to your daily routine.

Some take aways from our conversation include the biggest financial concerns she discovered people were talking about on Twitter, her number one financial mistake, it involved a vacuum and helping a family in need at one point in her 20’s. That was the first time she was able to be really charitable and she calls it her So Money moment.

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If you’d like to learn more about Dorethia Kelly visit her website or follow her on Twitter at @DorethiaKelly.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I believe in giving what I would want to receive.” – Click to Tweet

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