So Money - Episode 304

Alix Steel

Bloomberg News Anchor

My next guest and I go way back. Alix Steel and I were the first two women hired to work at TV where we covered the markets, interviewed CEOs and did many a videos with Jim Cramer, the co-founder and host of Mad Money on CNBC. It’s why I’m so thrilled, so proud to see her reach such heights in her career. She is now a star anchor at Bloomberg News.Alix anchors Bloomberg Markets from 12 to 2pm each day and co-hosts What’d You Miss? Bloomberg TV’s flagship markets program which airs weekdays from 4:00-5:00pm.

Alix resides in Brooklyn where she and her husband raise a beautiful little girl born just around the time Evan was born. [We’ve YET to organize that play date.] In our interview we catch up on old times, talk about the day she made MORE money than she ever thought possible and as the breadwinner, strategies for creating financial security in her marriage.

If you’d like to learn more about Alix Steel visit or follow her on Twitter@ADSteel.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “I live within my means and I love it!” – Click to Tweet

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