So Money - Episode 937

Diane Harris

Award-Winning Financial Journalist

“Money was always tight. There was a lot of anxiety around it. I didn’t feel deprived, but I was always aware of the stress and I was always aware of the dependence on my father, who didn’t give us a lot of money.”  – Diane Harris

Empathy, experience, and expertise; just a few of the reasons why our guest today is one of the leading personal finance authorities. Diane Harris was the first (and only) woman ever to be appointed editor-in-chief of MONEY Magazine. There, she helped the brand transition to the digital world as a founding editor of and brought important and sometimes taboo issues related to women and money to the forefront. After 22 years at Money, she is now one of the top editors at Newsweek and working on a new book about financial wellness.

Before joining Newsweek she additionally served as editorial director of Considerable, a website for boomers and GenXers and, before that, wrote a financial wellness column for the PBS website Next Avenue, which also appeared on Forbes.

Her childhood made a significant impact on her desire to help others with their finances. We begin our conversation talking about a recent cover story for Newsweek that Diane wrote, the topic, the biggest myths about student loans. I was shocked. So much to discuss.

  • Check out Diane’s recent cover story for Newsweek on myths about the student debt crisis, plus a service sidebar

  • Her last column for Next Avenue, which talked about what she’s learned since leaving MONEY

  • Another NA column, this one about women and money.


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