So Money - Episode 936

Christina Stembel

Founder, Farmgirl Flowers

“I hear all the time, people are like, ‘you’re so lucky you get to do what you love.’ And I’m thinking, ‘okay, I do get to do what I love…but that’s building a business and scaling a business. It’s not playing with flowers.’” – Christina Stembel, Farmgirl Flowers

Ever have an underwhelming experience ordering flowers online? I’ve had many and our guest today became committed to fixing that problem and has created a multimillion dollar business. Welcome to So Money everybody. I’m your host Farnoosh Torabi. Christina Stembel knew she always wanted to start a company, living in San Francisco where it seems like everyone has a successful startup. She was constantly brainstorming ways to disrupt old industries.

Eventually, she found herself with a million-dollar idea. Flower delivery. It was a rough start, unable to raise any money, Christina bootstrapped her company, starting with $49,000 in savings. Thanks to her drive and determination, she was able to weather the trying times, and there were many, to grow Farmgirl Flowers into a 23-million-dollar business. That’s how much they made last year in revenue; $23 million from flowers and Christina has her sights set on growing this to a billion-dollar company.

Learn more about Christina and Farmgirl Flowers on their website: and connect with them on Twitter @farmgirlflowers and on Instagram @farmgirlflowers

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