So Money - Episode 762

Cristina Alger

Author, The Banker's Wife

Ever wondered what life is really like for socialites and financiers who live and work in New York City and abroad? Is it really as glamorous as it looks or as sinister as the media might have you to believe? With her new book, our next guest gives us a glimpse inside the world of bankers and big money…and  helps us draw our own conclusions.

Cristina Alger is a celebrated fiction writer who just came out with her third book, The Banker’s Wife, a financial thriller that unveils the personal lives of the financial world’s movers and shakers.

Cristina is a former Goldman Sachs analyst and a former Manhattan corporate attorney who grew up in the city. She attended some of the best schools in the nation, and sadly, lost her father – a well known finance executive – during the 9/11 terrorist attack.Cristina and I discuss her creative process for developing The Banker’s Wife, how her personal life and experiences inspired and influenced the book and financial lessons learned growing up as the daughter of a top finance executive.

To purchase Cristina’s book, The Banker’s Wife, click here.

Photo by: Deborah Feingold

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