So Money - Episode Bonus

Busy Philipps


Busy Philipps is known for hit shows like NBC’s Freaks and Geeks, the WB’s Dawson’s Creek and ABC’s Cougar Town. She’s also a writer and a social media personality with about two million followers on Instagram.

I recently caught up with Busy on her media tour with her brand partner Hotel Tonight. Busy and I are both fans of Hotel Tonight for last minute travel, especially around the holidays when it’s sometimes fun to be spontaneous and plan less.

During our convo, Busy mentioned yet another role, one that’s not as public facing but it’s just as notable: Fierce negotiator.

In this interview — which is a little short but jam packed with insights — Busy talks candidly about the financial freedoms that come with having a popular social media platform and the time she walked away from what would become a successful TV series.

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