So Money - Episode 975

Cleo Stiller

Author, Modern Manhood

Cleo Stiller has always liked to have conversations that other people don’t feel comfortable having. That’s what has helped earn her several prestigious nominations, including Emmy and Peabody nods.

Cleo hosted a show called “Sex Right Now with Cleo Stiller,” a no stigma, no judgement and fact-based approach to conversations about health, gender and pop culture. 

When the #MeToo movement started gaining mainstream attention, she was inundated from questions from male viewers.

Questions like, “I’m a single guy and I don’t know how to approach women” and “I’m a new parent to a son and I don’t know how to raise a good man.”

And that led Cleo to her latest work: Modern Manhood, a new book that dives into the complicated world of trying to be a good man today.

Cleo and I discuss:

  • The real questions we should be asking to determine whether a person is a “good person.”
  • Who should pay on a first date?
  • Are men and women really hard-wired for anything?

Connect with Cleo Stiller on Twitter and Instagram @cleomsf.

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