So Money - Episode 1076

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

Delyanne The Money Coach Barros joins Farnoosh to answer the latest money questions from the audience. Questions include: Is it wise to use student loans to invest in the market? Why is one of my credit scores so different from the rest? Should I help my boyfriend with his credit card debt? How to become a professional investor without a college degree?

Sticking with this week’s lineup of FIRE members who are bringing a fresh voice and face to the space, Farnoosh’s co-host today is Delyanne Barros who is new to the FIRE movement… A lawyer by day and founder of Delyanne the Money Coach a popular Instagram and TicTok feed. You can find her at Delyanne is Brazilian and the first in her family to accomplish many milestones including attending college, becoming an employment attorney, and conquering New York City.

After living in NYC for 14 years, the mecca of the financial industry, Delyanne realized that her financial knowledge was limited to the outdated advice of her parents. Once she discovered the F.I.R.E. movement, she set on a path to retire from the traditional 9-5 grind at 45 years old. However, Delyanne quickly realized that the financial space was lacking the voices of people she could relate to, especially women and Latinas.

That’s when she decided to become that voice and launch Delyanne The Money Coach where she provides coaching and education in a fun and relatable way. Delyanne is on a mission to educate and guide new investors to a life that is debt-free, abundant, and financially independent.

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