So Money - Episode 1075

Amon & Christina Browning

Founders, Our Rich Journey

We continue to take a closer look and have deeper conversations with some of the minority faces of the FIRE movement.

On Monday we spoke with Paula Pant, a Nepalese-American woman and founder of the Afford Anything blog and podcast.

Today, we’re in talks with married couple Amon and Christina Browning, founders of Our Rich Journey, a popular blog and YouTube channel: At the age of 39 and 41, Amon and Christina achieved financial independence and retired early (FIRE). They quit their federal government jobs, retired, and moved to Portugal with their two daughters (ages 11 and 12). On their FIRE journey, they lived and worked in California, Spain, and Japan while saving more than 70% of their income; they discovered “house hacks” to live rent and mortgage free for more than ten years; they learned to travel-hack free luxury vacations for their family all over the world.

Their YouTube channel (“Our Rich Journey”) documents the unique ways they save, make, and invest money – the FIRE way. In just over two years of starting their YouTube channel, their channel garnered more than 280,000 YouTube subscribers and over 13 million video views. Their FIRE story has been featured in numerous media outlets including Good Morning America, the UK’s Daily Mail, and Parade Magazine.

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