So Money - Episode 959

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

Advice for one Silicon Valley household that’s making over $100,000 a year, but still managing to live above their means. Also on today’s episode: how Roth 401ks work, paying down a mortgage, and smart budgeting advice. Listen to the end when Farnoosh reveals the winner of the 15 minute money session with her.

Farnoosh is joined by special co-host Michael Reynolds, an independent financial advisor and owner of Elevation Financial. He also hosts the podcast Wealth Redefined.

Michael s a parallel entrepreneur and former digital marketing agency owner. With a long history of owning, growing (and even selling) successful businesses, Michael is passionate about personal finance, entrepreneurship, and financial education.

As a Ramsey Certified Financial Master Coach, Michael not only enjoys creating simple and accessible financial plans for his clients but also coaching them through the process of making real change in their lives.

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