So Money - Episode 958

Samantha Ettus

Founder, Park Place Payments

“I was talking to women around the country in all different levels of their careers and then there was this one group of women I was unable to help…and those were the women who left the workforce and wanted to get back in, taking some time off or some sort of reason for a lapse in their career and found that there were no opportunities.” – Samantha Ettus

Samantha Ettus is a renowned speaker, bestselling author of five books and CEO and founder of Park Place Payments.

Park Place is a women-owned company fundamentally changing the lives of people seeking opportunities to re-enter the workforce. At the same time, it’s also revolutionizing the payment processing industry.

Samantha was on the back show in 2015, just before her most recent book, The Pie Life, was released. She is a champion for women achieving their dreams and she’s a mom with a Harvard MBA. She believes that to do all the things, we need to let go of all of our guilt and our desire for perfection and enjoy the messy, bumpy ride.

Samantha and I talk about how she got the idea for Park Place Payments, the need its filling and how she was able to raise money, She has a great story about how when one door shut, several more opened and it ended up helping her raise all the money that she needed to launch the business.

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