So Money - Episode 908

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

This Friday, Farnoosh answers your money questions related to high yield savings accounts, college savings plans, preparing well for a job interview and affording a home renovation with a home equity line of credit. To send your questions to Farnoosh direct message her on Instagram @FarnooshTorabi.

Jacqueline on Instagram sends a direct message and asks: “My interest in personal finance and planning has turned into a passion. Through networking at my company, I was able to job shadow in one of the company’s investor centers. I loved it. I was encouraged by the branch manager to interview for an entry-level opening in the company’s financial consultant program. I’m going for it. What advice do you have for interviewing in terms of how to market myself, despite not having any of my financial licenses yet?” She says, “Licenses are not required for the role. The company supports you through getting licensed, but candidates with their licenses have an advantage. What strong questions can I ask in the interview to set me apart from other candidates?”

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