So Money - Episode 734

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

From managing an inheritance to bailing on a real estate purchase, we’ve got you covered on today’s Ask Farnoosh.
I’m tackling your biggest money questions with a So Money fan Gretchen Caldwell.  Gretchen is a financial planner and personal finance expert. After struggling through a health crisis that rocked her financial world she has dedicated her career to helping women navigate financial transitions. She loves to talk with women about career changes, the importance of having a financial plan at every age, and why she thinks being a financial advisor is a great career for working mothers.Gretchen has been featured in US News & World Report, the XY Planning Network and OnMogul. She has also appeared on the Switch, Pivot or Quit and Wine & Dime podcasts. Gretchen has her series 65 license, a certificate in Financial Planning from Santa Clara University and has passed the Certified Financial Planner® exam.

Here are the questions from today’s episode:

Joe on Insta:
I’m 22 and I’ve done really well to get this job in engineering at Rolls Royce but the pay is low (I live in the U.K. where engineering jobs pay less than they do in other countries.) and I’m now considering a career transition to finance to earn more.
But I’m stuck thinking I’m going to throw away my hard work just to get a job where I can make more money.  At the moment I am spending at least half my wages on housing and food. I’ve taken your investopedia course and thanks for for it!
I just feel really bad if I leave my work. The project at Rolls Royce is 3 years and they’re expecting me to help them to the end. But I feel financially I could go so much further in 3 years.
Mo on Insta:
My mom pushed me into buying a house with my brother. We split the cost, but I was very reluctant towards it. I’m now paying for a mortgage and home improvements. I find myself NOT having enough money to enjoy my life or go out with my friends or do the many other things I want to do. I’m turning 27. I’m single. I want to travel and be active, but I can’t. I sort of blame my mom and brother for pushing me into making such a big commitment at this stage in my life, but at the same time, I wonder if it’s for the best? What do you think?
Zelda writes in at 
How would you invest a $150,000 inheritance?
LovelyLia on Insta:
My husand got laid off last week. What should we do with this 401k? He has a ROTH IRA with an online robo advisor. Is it best to roll his 401k over to that? Or should he roll it into a TRADITIONAL IRA? Also, if he does roll it over, does this mean he can’t contribute any additional for the rest of the year?
Nancy on Insta:
Question on 401k. I know a person maxes out at $18k a year. Does that max include what your company matches? Or does your company match NOT count towards the maximum contribution limit?


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