So Money - Episode 735

Aditi Shekar

Founder and CEO of Zeta

I’m interviewing someone at the forefront of financial technology: Aditi Shekar.

Aditi is the CEO and founder of Zeta, a tool to help young couples master their money together. As her relationship with her boyfriend-turned-husband evolved over 15 years, she realized the need for tools designed specifically to help couples deal with and talk about their finances. Full disclosure: I am an investor in Zeta. THAT’S how much I believe in this company and in Aditi.

Today, we’ll talk about her new platform, the biggest money problems and solutions in relationships, and the benefits of the imposter syndrome. 

  • Link to a custom landing page for So Money users where you can get to the top of the waitlist for Zeta.
  • Link to Aditi’s new “The Money Date” podcast.
  • Link to Aditi’s Instagram and Twitter

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