So Money - Episode 728

Ask Farnoosh

Farnoosh Torabi

What’s the best way to track my expenses? How do you get any work done with 2 little kids?

This Friday, Farnoosh and co-host Kimmie Greene, head of communications for Quickbooks Self-Employed, tackle your biggest money questions.

Sandra on Instagram:
How do you get any work done with 2 little kids? I work full time and my husband stays at home with our 2 year old. We are artists trying to launch our projects. However, it’s hard when our kid’s schedule is so unpredictable. We take turns watching our son to allow the other person to work. This has limited me to working on the weekends when he naps. I wish I could get more done and spend time with our son

Jess on Instagram:
My husband and I are very financially “synced” with each other. He is the breadwinner, bringing in roughly $140k+ a year and I am a teacher adding another ~$45k to the pot. We have a small investment portfolio, and our only debt is a small car payment and mortgage we pay extra on. We also have a rental property and I launched my own growing business.

We also welcomed our third baby girl this past year and childcare is eating my paycheck- we may be bringing home $300 a month. We debated me leaving my job, but the risk scares me. Do you have advice for parents to achieve goals, while funding their children?

Meghan on Instagram:
Is it reasonable to ask my boyfriend to split rent by % rather than 50/50 if he makes about 11k more than me? I’m worried he won’t be receptive as he is naturally a saver (dare I say cheap). On the other hand I’ve had to & still do help my family with money, so I tend to be more generous and put myself on the back burner financially. Is asking to do % split appropriate with a boyfriend? Not sure if that should be reserved for engaged or married couples. Btw we’re 23.

Crystal writes at
I am very bad with tracking my expenses, recently I started giving myself a weekly allowance and taking that out in cash for my weekly expenses. My boyfriend said this isn’t smart because you don’t build the credit on your credit card. What do you think about this? Do you think tracking my expensive on Mint or something like that would be better? What your top apps that would help with this that you recommend?


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