So Money - Episode 729

Gaby Dunn

Host of Bad with Money

Have you been completely exasperated wondering, “Why am I so bad with money?”

Maybe it was because you overspent, depleted your savings account, or realized you were behind on your retirement saving. Well, the good news is friends, you’re not alone. And my guest today says her money situation is a MESS.

Today’s guest has made a successful career out of being Bad With Money. She is Gaby Dunn, the New York Times bestselling author, journalist, YouTuber, actress, and comedian.

The YouTube channel she runs with her comedy partner, Allison Raskin, has over 750K subscribers and more than 120 million total views. Her podcast, Bad With Money with Gaby Dunn hit the Top 10 overall downloaded podcast charts in just seven days.

Her ability to be raw, relatable, and honest about money has helped her rise to podcast and YouTube stardom and she’s here today to share her best and worst money stories, the lessons she didn’t learn about money from her parents, and the real economics of being a millennial in this country and why young people are struggling. It has nothing to do with the cost of avocado toast.

To connect with Gaby, you can visit her here:

@gabydunn on Twitter

@gabyroad on Instagram

Just Between Us on YouTube

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