James Altucher

“People say ideas are a dime a dozen, execution is everything. I’m going to call a little bit of BS on that. A good idea is hard to have so you have to really have a strong creativity muscle.”

James Altucher

“We’re living in an economy that is very much changing right under our feet. It’s almost like an earthquake and people are kind of in denial about it, and the reality is…the most important investments young people need to make right now is in themselves.”

James Altucher

Farnoosh Torabi interviews James Altucher, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author. In this interview James talks about how financial health is simply a bi-product of living a healthy life. Plus, learn about the scarcity complex he battled with for a long time and how he ultimately overcame it. Visit SoMoneyPodcast.com for the full transcript and more.…

BEST OF 2017: Defying Fear & Embracing Failure

We’re exploring fear and failure on the show today. It’s not my intention to end the year on a sour note. Instead, we’re going to review all the badass, wonderful insights our guests have shared on how they fought their fears and how failure allowed them to become the strong, successful people that they are today.

Natasa Lekic

“I thought we would work exclusively with authors who are self-publishing to give them the same experience that traditional authors have in-house. But the reality is that most of our authors actually intend to publish traditionally.”

2015 Highlights: Health & Wealth

“I think if we want to be successful in business or relationships or anything, we’ve got to have our health under control. I don’t think it means having a six pack necessarily. I just think it means having the energy to be able to make hard decisions.” — Lewis Howes

Andrew Fiebert

“The most important thing is what you don’t do and the opportunities that you turn down. You do a hundred things at 1% and you never get anywhere but if you could just do two things or one thing and really focus on it, you could do something great.”

Dorethia Kelly

“No matter what you’re facing financially, it’s never the end of the world. You can get through it, you will get through it and you are not the only one to have faced any particular situation.”

Dorie Clark

“I want to help more people be able to achieve that where they really feel engaged and like they’re making a difference and an impact with the work that they do every day.”

David Bach (Replay)

“The bulk of my life has been focused on, ‘How can I be of the most service?’…with the belief that if I’m of the most service, good things will come back to me, that life is a giant circle of karma.”