So Money - Episode 317

Andrew Fiebert

Listen Money Matters Founder

Today’s guest is the founder of Listen Money Matters, which is the “ultimate personal finance resource” as they call it on their website. Andrew Fiebert is also the host of the popular podcast operating under the same name. If you listen to this show and you love money and personal finance, I suspect you might know Andrew Fiebert’s voice and his show.

You know, Andrew’s passion started with money when he took a job at an investment bank. And this bank no longer exists, the Lehman Brothers. There he was, a data engineer, right out of college. He became fascinated with getting the most out of his hard earned money and his wife, Laura, suggested that, “You know what Andrew? You should start a podcast.” She was onto something and here he is, hosting the show, working to educate the community that he’s created on personal finance.

So naturally, I had to ask Andrew about the time that he worked at Lehman Brothers, the day specifically that it collapsed, what happened, what did he see, a scary time of course for everybody particularly for those working at the bank. And what happened on that infamous day. We talk about why he broke up with his original host of Listen, Money Matters, Matt Giovanisci. There are rumors and I wanted him to clear the air. What happened, why did you guys break up? Matt Giovanisci’s has been on this podcast. I didn’t asked him, but now I have Andrew on the call, I wanted to know what happened. Why are they no longer together? He’s never shared the story and he does with me. We also talk about taking Listen, Money Matters, which was a daily show to three days a week and now, to just one day per week. Can you imagine if So Money® became one day a week? I don’t know if I could ever do that. I feel as though it would just be a show about nothing. I mean one is not enough but it’s proving to be just enough for him and his listeners. His audience really loves it. He hasn’t really noticed a falloff in listeners so kudos to him. I want to learn how he has managed to do that.

If you’d like to learn more about Andrew visit his website or follow him on Twitter @AndyFieb.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “If we could just provide everyone with education, I think we would solve so many more problems.” – Click to Tweet

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