So Money - Episode 1400

Unni Turrettini

Connect Expert and Author

More than 60% of American Adults suffer from loneliness, making it the fastest growing epidemic on the planet!) And it often goes unchecked. Today we’re exploring loneliness and its impact on our well-being, including financial well-being. with guest Unni Turrettini, author of Betraying the Nobel: The Secrets and Corruption behind the Nobel Peace Prize (Pegasus Books, 2020), and the award-winning The Mystery of the Lone Wolf Killer where she explores a mass shooting tragedy in Norway and what it teaches us about loneliness.

We discuss: The difference with being alone versus lonely; loneliness as a state of mind versus just a really bad, intolerable situation; why the quality of our connections is directly linked to our sense of self-worth. And does remote work contribute to more loneliness?

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