So Money - Episode 1158

Trudi Lebron

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach

Today’s podcast centers around ways business owners and individuals can lead with a greater commitment towards equity and inclusion. From more conscious day-to-day spending to making an impact – both inside and outside of work – guest Trudi Lebron, diversity, equity and inclusion coach, shares actionable steps we can aspire to to pursue.

More about Trudi Lebron: She teaches individuals and institutions how to build successful, anti-racist businesses. In the past seven years, she has grown her company, Scriptflip!, into a multi-six figure machine for helping others maximize their social impact. Trudi is the host of the Business Remixed Podcast, has been featured in Forbes and was recognized as one of the Hartford Business Journal 40 Under 40 Leaders in 2016. She lives in Hartford with her two children.

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