So Money - Episode 843

Todd Herman

Author of The Alter Ego Effect

Do you have a secret identity? Our guest today says you might want to consider adopting one. Today, I’m welcoming Todd Herman to the show. Todd is the author of The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. This book had close to 20 publishers fighting over it, just to give you a sense of how HOT this book is. You can get your copy tomorrow.

Todd grew up on a farm in Alberta, Canada milking cows and taking care of chickens. Today he is a toughness and performance coach to professional and Olympic athletes. He’s also a leadership and performance advisor to billionaires and hundreds of entrepreneurs. And not to mention, the creator of the 90 Day Year™, a business achievement program designed for business owners to master the art of execution.

Todd is going to share why having an alter ego is critical to achieving your goals – whether they be to master your finances, climb in your career or anything. And how to identify your alter ego. We’ll also explore the alter egos of some FAMOUS people – including Oprah. She’s actually mentioned how she channels a specific group of people. And finally, the incredible daily practice – that’s actually quite simple when you think about it – that has been the greatest way for Todd to build and nurture relationships.

To learn more about Todd Herman, please visit Also, check out his flagship program Follow Todd on Twitter @Todd_Herman and on Instagram @Todd_Herman.

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