So Money - Episode 1241

Tim Herrera

Freelance writer and editor

Our discussion around quitting and how to leave an unhappy job continues with our guest Tim Herrera, a freelance writer and editor who recently quit his post at The New York Times where he edited the service journalism section, Smarter Living for five years. There, he wrote and edited stories on personal finance, office culture and job satisfaction, mental health, digital privacy and more. Tim shares the moments that led up to his departure, how he’s rethinking the concept of quitting and his recommendations for others that may want to follow in his footsteps.
More about Tim: He is a co-editor of the Smarter Living book, and is currently writing a book about self-awareness. Before coming to The Times, he worked at The Washington Post, where was on the digital strategy team and wrote about online culture. He lives in Manhattan with his two cats, Strudel and Streets, and his platonic life partner.

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