So Money - Episode 1274

The Cost of Climate Change: Saving Sustainably

Geeta Sankappanovar, Rallius

When it comes to making an impact with our money, our first instinct may be to shift our shopping dollars to support the change we seek in the world. From banning plastics to supporting Black-owned businesses to boycotting retailers that are unkind to their workers, how and where we collectively spend certainly matters and deserves attention. But what about where we save our money? Where we bank? Total cash deposits at all commercial banks in the US currently exceed $17 trillion and if you have a checking or savings account with a major US bank, your deposits may be used to finance large-scale “climate-unfriendly” projects. A Rainforest Action Network study finds that the world’s biggest financial institutions have been key financiers of fossil fuel projects — to the tune of $3.8 trillion since 2016.

Changing the equation is our guest: Geeta Sankappanovar, founder and chair of Rallius, the first digital banking platform solely focused on ESG initiatives. The mission at Rallius is to fight systemic inequality, support climate action, and democratize wealth creation. The company hopes to draw $500 million in deposits during its first year of business.

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