So Money - Episode 254

Tess Vigeland

Former Host at Public Radio's Marketplace

Today’s guest is a veteran journalist and well-known voice to millions of American Radio listeners. She is Tess Vigeland, CEO of Tess Vigeland Productions, an LA-based multi-media media company. For 11 years, she was the anchor for public radio’s Marketplace as well as spent 6 years hosting the personal finance show, Marketplace Money. Tess also wrote the newly published book titled, Leap: Leave A Job With No Plan B to Find the Career and Life You Really Want. This book was based off of Tess’s personal experience after she felt that “Marketplace’s Tess Vigeland” was no longer fulfilling and left her dream job to find her next calling. In her book she talks about leaping without a net with humor and honesty and shares the possibilities that are on the other side for those willing to leap with her.

Tess still keeps her radio voice warmed up serving as a backup anchor for NPR’s All Things Considered as well as shows on two local LA stations. In her “spare” time, time she writes for The New York Times, The Guardian among many others as well as serves as a professional emcee, speaker, panel moderator and interviewer.

If you’d like to learn more about Tess Vigeland, visit her website and follow her on Twitter @TessVigeland.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview: “People need to take responsibility for their own actions with money.” – Click To Tweet

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